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Shut Up and Read

Some of us have grown up with books. Some of us haven’t. Some of us have even had an allergy to books. They gave us the rashes. They made us want to throw up. They made us want to eat the pages in desperation. And then there was the internet. We smile when we read the word “internet”. There are so many “fond” memories we have with the internet. We were happy. Utterly comfortable. In fact, we still are. But mention “books”, and we shiver. Grimace. Frown. Scowl. Glower.

So, what’s the point? The point is that you are reading this in a forum dedicated to the CAT. The point is that sooner or later you will dream of cracking the CAT. The point is that sooner or later you’ll come across your biggest adversary – your arch rival – your nemesis (quick, the dictionary…) – READING COMPREHENSION. It should be written in red. Nay, it should be written in blood. Your blood.

The point is that you got to get your hands dirty … pick up a book. Not just any book. A novel. Not just any novel. Not a Dan Brown. Not a Tripathi. Not “Those Pricey Thakur Girls.” Sheesh…

Literature – that’s the gold mine. You want your name written in gold across the flabby CAT face? You turn to literature. Instant gratification a.k.a. the internet has spoilt you. School has spoilt you (teachers are very good at providing instant gratification – they use a spoon to do it – and it’s a filthy spoon.) Your worthless phone has spoilt you. “But I bought it for a cool sixty thousand bucks”, you say.

Shut up and read.


“He who has not been presented to the freedom of literature has not wakened up out of his prenatal sleep. He is merely not born. He can’t see; he can’t hear; he can’t feel in any full sense. He can only eat his dinner.” Arnold Bennett (1867–1931)

You got to get out of your comfort zone. Dive in with a book into the mysteries of humankind and the world. Feel the pangs of birth. Feel totally incapable, incapacitated and exhausted. And then, do it again. And again. Till some of the greatness of the books has rubbed off on to you.

And if that’s not enough, remember that a steady habit of reading literature will prepare you for CAT reading comprehension in a way that nothing else can. You’ll quickly get to the gist of things. You’ll effortlessly read between the lines. You’ll easily anticipate what’s to come. You’ll be speedy. You’ll be whistling. “And you’ll be loving it (sic).”

So, shut up and read.


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