A transport start-up has a single cargo truck that caters to the delivery requirements of 6 cities.
The cities are connected via toll roads as shown in the figure where the lines represent the roads, while the numbers written on them represent the toll charges in rupees.


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Alpha and Beta, two friends were both planning to buy a car. They listed down 20 features which they were looking for. They both evaluated all the prospective cars with the listed features using their individual scoring schemes.

Alpha gave a zero score to each feature missing in the car, score of 2 for each feature available and an additional score of 3 if he was happy with the feature.

Similarly, Beta gave a score of -3 to each feature missing in the car, score of 1 for each feature available and an additional score of 6 if he was happy with the feature.

They added the scores of features to arrive at the final score for each car.

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As the name suggests, data interpretation is all about logical interpretation of the given data and answering questions. Data interpretation carries the same weightage in third section of CAT as reading comprehension in verbal section or geometry and algebra in quant section. For the past two years (CAT 2014 & CAT 2015), CAT carries approximately 20 questions on data interpretation. If you haven’t been serious about this topic till now, there is never a better day than today to start!

Data can be represented in many ways, some of the most common ways are tables, bar graphs, Line Graphs, paragraphs, pie charts etc… This article will focus on LINE GRAPHS and will introduce you with the most basic aspects of a line graph.

line graph basic example

above is one of the basic example of a line graph and its various component are as follows:

Title : The title of the graph tells us what the graph is about
Label : Horizontal and vertical labels tell us about type of the data
Axis : X and Y axises tell us about the unit of the data.
Dots : Dots on the line graph tell us combination of X and Y axis data.
Line : The blue line connecting the dots in the above graph gives a visual representation of the data, and its variation.

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