A transport start-up has a single cargo truck that caters to the delivery requirements of 6 cities.
The cities are connected via toll roads as shown in the figure where the lines represent the roads, while the numbers written on them represent the toll charges in rupees.


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Alpha and Beta, two friends were both planning to buy a car. They listed down 20 features which they were looking for. They both evaluated all the prospective cars with the listed features using their individual scoring schemes.

Alpha gave a zero score to each feature missing in the car, score of 2 for each feature available and an additional score of 3 if he was happy with the feature.

Similarly, Beta gave a score of -3 to each feature missing in the car, score of 1 for each feature available and an additional score of 6 if he was happy with the feature.

They added the scores of features to arrive at the final score for each car.

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A 10-digit number is defined in such a way that the first digit is the number of zeros in the number; the second digit is the number of 1s in the number and so on until the tenth digit which is the number of 9s in the number.

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Sitting arrangement is one of the popular topics of LRDI section for any competitive exam. The best thing about this topic is that you don’t need to apply any out of the box thinking but to process and write down all the information that is given to solve the questions. Sometimes you will feel that given information is not enough to complete the arrangements but remember your job is to solve the questions not to complete the arrangement.

Here I am giving you some sets of linear and circular arrangements, try to solve them and then match your answers with the given solution.

Direction for question number 1 to 4: Four couples A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H are sitting together on a bench facing towards north not necessarily in the same order. It is also known that

I. A,C,E,G are females who are sitting immediate left of their husbands.
II. G is sitting immediate right of H who is sitting three places away to the left of C.
III. A is sitting five places to the left of B who is sitting 3rd from extreme right.

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