Three Thieves

Three thieves are reporting their shares in the 2000 gold and silver coins looted. The ratio of gold to silver coins is 2:3. The following table shows the percentage distribution of coins with each thief.

Three Thieves

1 Based on the above information, which of the following is true?

(a) x = y

(b) x < y

(c) x > y

(d) Data Insufficient


2 If the number of coins with Ramu is 800, then what is the value of 3y + 2x?

(a) 135

(b) 290

(c) 225

(d) Data Insufficient


3 If the ratio of the number of coins with Gopi : Shamu : Ramu is 2:3:5 what is the ratio of the number of gold coins with them?

(a) 18 :27 :15

(b) 6 :9 :15

(c) 8 : 23 : 8

(d) None of these


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