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Uniqlo, the Japanese fast fashion brand, is paying $300 million over 10 years to replace Nike Inc. as the kit sponsor for Roger Federer. Of course, Uniqlo will still use digital ads, but it will get the most bang for its marketing buck when it can get customers specifically to seek out its brand, not just a generic white t-shirt in an internet search. Instead, as it tries to expand in North America and Europe, Uniqlo needs to build brand awareness and a desire to visit its stores or website. That’s where Federer comes in. Even in the twilight of his career, ESPN ranks him as the world’s fourth most famous sports star.

Identify the most appropriate summary for the paragraph.

A. Uniqlo’s prospective customers in North American and European markets lionize Roger Federer, one of the most famous sports stars, and this would facilitate an increase in Uniqlo’s brand awareness.

B. Since Roger Federer is one of the most famous sports stars, the decision by Uniqlo to get him to endorse its brand is justified.

C. Uniqlo has paid $300 million to sign Roger Federer in a bid to increase its brand awareness in North America and European markets.

D. Despite Roger Federer being in the twilight of his career, the fact that he will augment Uniqlo’s brand recognition justifies the company’s sponsorship deal.

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    1. shivam mukherjee

      No sorry, its A
      C suggests that Uniqlo has customers in North america and europe, which the passage doesnt talk about.

      1. TG.Prabhat

        Hi Shivam, the paragraph does mention that Uniqlo is trying to expand its market in North America and Europe.
        Why do you think the answer is A, though?

        1. shivam mukherjee

          I know i am expected to stick to my answer, however , this time, i believe i have cracked it.

          A is NOT the answer, according to me. The reason being, the option insinuates that roger federer is famous amongst the customers of North America and Europe. Although, it is a fact, however, the passage does not mention this fact( i understand that the passage suggests that ESPN ranks him the 4th most famous sportsperson , however, we, LOGICALLY, cannot infer that North Americans and Europeans love him too. It isn’t really a small world you see :p

          C is the correct answer because it summarises all the facts.
          1. U has paid x money.
          2. U has signed RF.
          3. U wants to use him as an ambassador to promote their brand and improve their brand awareness.

          Please correct me if i am wrong.

          1. TG.Prabhat

            I really appreciate the passion, Shivam.

            It’s excellent that you spotted the assumption that has been stated in option A. And an assumption can never be the answer to a summary question.

            Coming to your approach for choosing C.- it does come close to being the answer. However, it misses out the critical aspect that the paragraph is a justification for Uniqlo’s decision. It is an evaluation of the sponsorship deal (“but it will get the most bang for its marketing buck when it can get customers specifically to seek out its brand”, “Instead,….Uniqlo needs to build brand awareness”, “That’s where Federer comes in. Even in the twilight of his career, ESPN ranks him as the world’s fourth most famous sports star.”)

            As you continue to think through your answers, the path forges ahead. Keep it up! 🙂

      1. svartika95

        Because in option A the focus is on the company’s strategy to expand it’s business in America and what it is doing for that.

        While in the other options the primary focus is on Roger , the money given to him or his career and secondary is on the company’s need.

        Therefore I think correct is option A.

    1. TG.Prabhat

      The reason behind your answer is more important than the answer itself (while practising :p)
      Why did you choose A/C, Mayank?

    1. TG.Prabhat

      Hi Pulkit, the reason behind your choice is more important than your answer. (while practising :p).
      What’s your reason for choosing A?

      1. I choose B because uniqlo wants to advertise there products so they select Federer coz of his huge fan following and by him there brand is well advertise to know the other peoples

        1. TG.Prabhat

          Option B. would have been right had it mentioned the main premise about the objective of increasing Uniqlo’s brand awareness. A summary must contain the conclusion and preferably, the fundamental premise behind it.
          Hope this helps 🙂

  1. I chose option D because the paragraph wants to tell that the massive amount of sponsorship is justified on the ground that Roger Federer is a big star and the association of Uniqlo with him would increase brand recognition which is the aim of the brand in North America and Europe.

  2. TG.Prabhat

    The paragraph is primarily about the reasoning behind, and justification for Uniqlo’s sponsorship deal. The answer is D. It captures the main points of the paragraph- the aspect of it consisting of a justification for Uniqlo’s sponsorship deal, and the main motive behind the deal- increasing Uniqlo’s brand recognition.


    A. This only states the assumption behind Uniqlo’s decision to sign the brand endorsement deal with Roger Federer, and misses the point that a sponsorship deal has been signed with Federer.

    B. This misses the main premise about the objective of increasing Uniqlo’s brand awareness.

    C. This option simply states Uniqlo’s decision, and doesn’t capture the fact that the paragraph is an evaluation of Uniqlo’s sponsorship deal.

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