The following question has a sentence with two blanks. Given below it are four pairs of words. Choose the pair that best completes the sentence.

Even though South African game reserves claim to                  wildlife, it is a business for them as their animals are                and gunned down for money.

  1. protect, edified
  2. respect, reared
  3. adulate, primed
  4. vilify, bred

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  1. TG.Prabhat

    The answer is option 2. For the first blank, words from only option 1 and 2 fit. For the second blank, the word from option 2 is accurate.

    Edify: instruct or improve (someone) morally or intellectually.

    Rear: bring up and care for (a child) until they are fully grown.

    Adulate: praise (someone) excessively.

    1. make (something) ready for use or action, in particular:
    a. prepare (a firearm or explosive device) for firing or detonation.
    cover (a surface) with a primer.
    b. pour or spray liquid into (a pump) before starting in order to seal the moving parts and facilitate its operation.
    c. inject extra fuel into (the cylinder or carburettor of an internal combustion engine) in order to facilitate starting.
    d. (of a steam engine or its boiler) mix water with the steam being passed into the cylinder.
    e. induce a susceptibility or proclivity in (an animal, person, or tissue).
    serve as a starting material for (a polymerization process).
    2.Prepare: (someone) for a situation, typically by supplying them with relevant information.

    Vilify: speak or write about in an abusively disparaging manner.

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