The sentences given in the question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labelled with a number. Write the sequence of numbers, the sentences of which create the most coherent paragraph.

  1. His Surveys have been distinguished by a willingness to use the data and resources available to the CEA’s office to intervene on important issues and raise new fields of inquiry.
  2. It is fair to say that in this last role, Mr.Subramanian has left a deep impact.
  3. The Surveys have provided valuable inputs into debates as wide ranging as the applicability in India of a universal basic income, India’s “missing women” and whether the Piketty thesis on inequality is valid in this country.
  4. But, overall, Mr. Subramanian’s successors will find it hard to match the mark he has left on the Surveys.
  5. Along the way some might worry that the Survey no longer acts as a document of record, a single location for all the relevant data of the year.

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  1. TG.Prabhat

    The answer is 21354.
    1 must succeed 2 due to 1’s pronoun reference.
    3 must follow 1 as it’s in the same positive vein.
    4 is the most appropriate concluding sentence as it provides a comprehensive viewpoint by using the word ‘overall’.

    1. How can 2 be the opening statement?
      It is fair to say that in ‘this’ last role, what does this indicate here?
      Shouldn’t it be 35412?

      1. TG.Prabhat

        Hi Surbhi, from the point of view that it contains ‘this last role’, sentence 2 is an acceptable start to the paragraph since sentence 1 follows immediately after, and points to the role played by Mr.Subramanian.

        The paragraph is about Mr.Subramanian and the role that he has played, with the Surveys being used as an instrument to reach a conclusion about the same. If one starts the paragraph with 3, it gives a sense that the main topic being discussed is the Surveys. When reading the paragraph as a 35412 sequence of the sentences, the reader will understand that the topic of the paragraph is an evaluation of Mr.Subramanian and the role that he’s played only by the time s/he reads the third sentence in the sequence. This takes away from the coherence of the paragraph.
        Secondly, there is a strong link between 1 and 3 i.e. 1 mentions that the surveys have intervened on important issues and and raised new fields of inquiry. 3 lists these issues and fields. Separating 1 and 3 would again reduce the coherence of the paragraph.
        To conclude, 35412 is a possible arrangement however, a less coherent one than 21354.

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