The five sentences (labelled 1,2,3,4, and 5) given in this question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Decide on the proper order for the sentences and key in this sequence of five numbers as your answer.

1. Sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, body awareness (formally, proprioception) are six of the widely recognized senses in our bodies that help tell us about the world around us.

2. The anatomy textbooks show that the brain and the immune system are almost completely isolated from each other.

3. However, fresh evidence shows that the immune system may qualify as a kind of surveillance organ that detects microorganisms in the body and informs the brain about them, much as our eyes relay visual information.

4. Yet we have other senses as well.

5. Now meet our surprising latest detector: the immune system.

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  1. 14523.2 and 3 are mandatory pairs they must follow each other.5 introduces immune system hence it should be placed before 2 and 3.1&4 again make a mandatory pair.

  2. TG.Prabhat

    The answer is 14523.
    4 must succeed 1 since 1 lists six senses and 4 gives information about other senses.
    5 follows 4 by introducing the new sense organ.
    2 gives information about how the immune system has been thought of so far.
    3 succeeds 2 by giving fresh evidence about the immune system.

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