The five sentences (labelled 1,2,3,4, and 5) given in this question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Decide on the proper order for the sentences and key in this sequence of five numbers as your answer.

  1. He uses his Mumbaikar Hindi, with its potentially funny drawl, to crack politically loaded jokes that are thoroughly enjoyed by a loyal, albeit niche, following.
  2. Comedy is no laughing matter in India, where taking umbrage at the funny and not-so-funny is second nature to one and all.
  3. Take Kunal Kamra, for instance, who affects a bit of a “slowcoach” persona.
  4. But in the process, he has earned disapprobation- he was asked by his landlady to vacate his house over “political issues” earlier this year.
  5. This has become particularly endemic under the current political dispensation as public opinion has been polarized to an extent where dissent is equated with a lack of patriotism.

Please Note: The answer to this question will be posted tomorrow morning as a comment below.

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  1. Priyanka rathi

    As 2 begins with general statement and 3 takes the example to explain . 1 is the extended part of example. Statement 4 is the repercussion faced by the example. And 5 is the unductive generalisation

    1. TG.Prabhat

      Hi Priyanka, the tricky part was where to place 5. Take a look at the explanation below 🙂

  2. Rahul Batra

    2- Good opening and introduces the topic
    3 – gives an example
    1- explains the style of comedy and talks about the topic in 1
    4- explains the effect of the example mentioned
    5- extends what has been talked about in 4

  3. I came down to 2 sequences-

    I am a little confused about the two.whether ‘this’ in sentence 5 denotes the umbrage at funny and not so funny or it denotes the disapprobation received by Kunal Kamra is my point of confusion.

    1. TG.Prabhat

      You came closer to the answer than anyone else before you, Shubhra. Hope your confusion will be clarified with my explanation below.

  4. Mayank Khanna

    I have a doubt in 2 cases
    I prefer 25314 over 23514 as it states
    2- a good opening statement about comedy not being taken as it should be.
    5 – now the sentence starts with this endemic, so going by logic he wants to say this disease in the Indian society of not treating joke as a joke and equating it to patriotism is derogatory.
    So endemic is not forcing someone to leave home or change place but it is to the mentality of not understanding jokes. So 5 should follow.
    3- Example of Kunal Kamra
    1- His way of comedy
    4- what happened to him

    1. TG.Prabhat

      I couldn’t be completely certain whether you would have selected 25314. However, your reasoning is accurate, Mayank- Excellent! 🙂

  5. TG.Prabhat

    The answer is 25314.

    The most general sentence is 2.
    5 follows since it contains a pronoun reference (‘This’) to 2. The context in which ‘endemic’ has been used as an adjective in sentence 5 points to it describing a condition or phenomenon. Therefore, ‘This has become particularly endemic’ must refer to the taking of umbrage having become second nature, as mentioned in 2, and not one instance of a comedian earning disapprobation, as mentioned in 4.

    3 introduces an example in support of sentences 2 and 5. 1 elaborates on the example and the ‘slowcoach persona’ aspect mentioned in 3 (by mentioning ‘drawl’). 4 concludes the example, and the paragraph.

    Only 1 somewhat correct answer out of 10. I think I can safely relish at having caught all the fish in the pond (please don’t take umbrage at my remark).

    I hope everyone didn’t take cues from the previously mentioned answers. The CAT requires one to think independently, and not get manipulated. Please write back if the sequence is still not clear to you 🙂

    Here’s part deux on Kunal Kamra (he’s been lucky for me)-

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